imagotipo Ana Yael

Street Posters / 2022


I was commissioned to illustrate the different concepts of this campaign. It must have a heart as a unifying conductive element. That was the fundamental pillar of all the concepts in which I worked.

The campaign vindicated the cuts in the Spanish health system: «Healthcare in a precarious state, with long waiting lists and staff exhausted by poor working conditions. A system where public resources are allocated to privatized services of low quality, and without mechanisms to know what is the final destination of the money. La Salut #NoEraAixò (Health #wasntthis).

The time has come to defend our rights. We need a change of model; that it is universal, one hundred percent public, of quality and based on primary care. But calling for a new model does not exclude pointing out specific measures that need to be implemented, because the situation is urgent».


Precarious, Inequality, Business


Family Doctors who Only Have 12 Minutes per Visit


Only 12% of the Budget is Dedicated to Primary Care


31 Days Waiting For a Visit With a Family Doctor


5 Billion of the Health Budget Ends Up in Private Hands


We Want 25% of the Budget for Primary Care


Health Department Awarded 71 Contracts Without Written Record During the Pandemic


Energy Poverty Causes 7100 Deaths per Year in Spain


Women Suffer 85% More from Overmedication


8 out of 10 Nurses do not Have a Permanent Contract


On the Night Shift, the Price per Hour for Health Personnel is €3.18 per Hour


Intermediary Companies Keep 2/3 of the Salary